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15 Inch Lowered Height Tandem Lift Table

Pentalift TLH-series tandem lift tables are heavy-duty, hydraulic scissor lift tables with load capacities ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 lb. They are available with various platform sizes from 48” x 180” to 96” x 240” with a common low height of 15” for most models. The 40,000 lb. capacity table has a low height of 22”. Travel for the TLH-series can be specified at 50” or 59” (40,000 lb. table has travel of 59”).


TLH-series tandem lift tables provide heavy-duty lifting capacity with a wide range of platform sizes. They are ruggedly built to meet the demands of various applications in manufacturing, processing and distribution operations where heavy loads of longer length are required to be lifted and/or positioned.
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