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High Point Tilters (Drive On)

Pentalift’s Drive On Ergonomic Bin Tilter was developed to position parts within easy access, or easy reach of the operator. The primary benefit of this design relates to the ease of positioning the product containers using a common manual pallet truck. The front edge of the tilter platform is beveled to assure a smooth, effortless transfer both on and off the platform surface.


Loading/unloading the Pentalift Drive On Ergonomic Bin Tilter is accomplished using a common manual pallet truck. Tilting the container increases the operators comfort, safety and productivity as components are placed into (or removed from) the container. Easy access also reduces the potential for damage to the product as it is placed into or removed from the container. Available in either 2,000 or 4,000 lb capacity, the Pentalift Drive On Ergonomic Bin Tilter will increase productivity, efficiency and operator safety at many workstations.
Ergonomic Bin Tilters
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