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Loading Dock Accessories & Safety Systems

Pentalift loading dock equipment includes additional accessories to complete your shipping/receiving area, including dock bumpers, communication systems, wheel chocks, dock lighting, weather seals, guide lights and conversion kits. You'll find a comprehensive assortment of product to help improve safety and efficiency at the loading dock no matter what your application, be it refrigeration, warehousing, manufacturing or any logistic driven industry.
Dock bumpers protect the building from the impact as the vehicle is backed into position. With many models, sizes and designs to choose from the proper selection of dock bumpers will protect your facility. [more...]
Steel face dock bumpers are a superior dock bumper solution. Constructed from heavy steel plate, the face plate provides significant benefits over conventional loading dock bumper designs. [more...]
The Pentalift dock communication system provides valuable information regarding the status of the loading / unloading process to the driver and to the loading dock personnel. [more...]
Pentalift wheel chocks are a component of the overall safety at the loading dock area. The wheel chocks secure the vehicles during the loading/off loading process. [more...]
Pentalift LED dock light offers simple and proven design with all the benefits of LED functionality, including significant energy efficiency and superior lighting volume and visibility for the dock attendant inside the truck. [more...]
Pentalift LED flex dock light offers great flexibility in positioning, simple and proven design with all the benefits of LED functionality, including significant energy efficiency. [more...]
Pentalift loading dock guide lights provide visible assistance for truck / trailer approaches in environments where the lighting levels are low. The clear target provided by the loading dock guide light avoids damage to the building, trucks and trailers. [more...]
Loading dock weatherseal is increasing in use as more and more industries become aware of environmental issues. Weatherseal improves energy savings at the loading dock. [more...]
The Easy Load Hydraulic Conversion Kit improves safety and efficiency at the loading dock by allowing customers that have Mechanically activated or power assisted dock levelers, to upgrade the levelers to fully hydraulic operation. [more...]
Pentalift Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment. The Pentalift Hydraulic Conversion Kit takes a structurally sound dock leveler and converts it to reliable, safe fully hydraulic operation. [more...]
Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best loading dock products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.