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Symetrical Thrust High Capacity Design

A steel coil processing line required a 60,000 lb. high-cycle, dual lift table for a stacking application. A feature of the design has symmetrical thrust cylinder positioning which has the PentaFLOW hydraulic cylinders pushing simultaneously on both sides of the scissor leg sets. This arrangement guarantees level operation for both the raise and lower operations with reduced operating pressure requirements. The high tensile steel scissor leg assemblies ensure extended trouble-free operation.

The exclusive Pentalift PentaFLOW hydraulic cylinders are designed to ensure long cylinder life and reduce maintenance. The PentaFLOW cylinder is completely sealed and all components are continuously lubricated with fresh oil, eliminating cylinder contamination, deterioration and dead-ending as well as high-stress build-up in the cylinders, the equipment structure and the entire hydraulic system.

Symetrical Thrust High Cycle Dual Lift
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