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Custom High Capacity

25,000 lb capacity up to 120,000 lb capacities is available to suit a wide range of lifting requirements.
Pentalift designed and manufactured a 60,000 lb capacity hydraulic upender to facilitate designed coil handling. Both platforms are 8’ wide, 16’ long. [more...]
60,000 lb capacity Hydraulic Upender
A 90,000 lb., high cycle lift table which is used in the manufacture of fiberboard-type products, in a high speed, continuous output operation. Two identical lift tables were installed. [more...]
High Cycle Lift Table
A heavy-duty inverter designed for a steel processor was engineered to safely rotate a 60,000 lb. roll of steel, 90° from a horizontal to a vertical position. [more...]
Heavy Duty Inverter
A Pit-Installed Lift Table was design-engineered for a major manufacturer of heavy earth moving and agricultural equipment by Pentalift. [more...]
Pit Installed Lift Table
A high security facility contacted Pentalift and discussed a limited access system for vehicle traffic. [more...]
Pentalift Hydraulic Security Lift Table
A Heavy Capacity Hydraulic UpEnder was designed and manufactured to rotate 30,000 lbs from the vertical position to the horizontal position. [more...]
30,000 lb Capacity Hydraulic UpEnder
Three 50,000 lb capacity, tandem scissor leg lift tables were purchased and installed into a 10' deep concrete pit. When the Lift Table(s) is in the fully raised position it is level with the floor. [more...]
Locomotive Cab Lift
A Steel Mill required a high capacity lift table with a minimal platform size. The lift table was designed with a platform size approximately 4’ wide x 9’ long and a lifting capacity of 50,000 lbs. [more...]
Pentalift 50,000 lb Capacity Symmetrical Thrust Lift Table
An installation in a steel processing plant where two high-capacity tandem lift tables operate side by side. Each lift table features 6' of vertical travel and lifting capacities to 120,000 lb. [more...]
Pentaflow Hydraulic Cylinder
A feature of the design has symmetrical thrust cylinder positioning which has the PentaFLOW hydraulic cylinders pushing simultaneously on both sides of the scissor leg sets. [more...]
High Cycle Dual Lift
The Lift Table was designed and engineered to operate during the testing procedure of a companies Aircraft Landing Gear. The Lift Table features a lifting capacity of 20,000 lbs. [more...]
20,000 lb Capacity High Speed Lift Table
Pentalift successfully designed and engineered 2 sets of Hydraulic Lift Tables and Hydraulic Up-Enders for use in a Foundry application. [more...]
Triple Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table & Up-Ender
During the design of an advanced high volume semi-conductor manufacturing facility Pentalift was contacted and subsequently awarded an order for 2 custom lift tables. [more...]
Tandem Double Scissor Lift Table
Pentalift successfully designed and engineered a 40,000 lbs capacity lift table utilizing three laterally installed sets of scissor legs. [more...]
Triple Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table & Up-Ender
The lift table platforms are equipped with 2 full length guide tracks and guide track end stops. [more...]

Tilt Platform (45 Degrees) On Triple Scissor Lift Table

A paper recycler contacted Pentalift to discuss a more efficient way to process bulk recycled paper. The bundles of recycled paper are 7 foot long 4 foot high and 4 foot deep. These bundles are placed on the tilt platform using a fork lift truck.. [more...]
Tandem Double Scissor Lift Table
Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best lift table products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.