A self-contained power unit is a power unit that is attached or underneath the lift table making the power unit and the lift table one piece of equipment. A remote power unit is detached from the equipment making it free from the equipment itself. The reason a company would choose to go with a remote power unit instead of a self-contained power unit is for two main reasons, the application or the size of the power unit itself. Some applications require their equipment to have a higher HP power u... Read More
Yes they can when properly equipped. Exterior lift tables can be ordered with a steel checker plate deck for improved pedestrian traction. In addition protective guard rails, gates and access chains are also readily available for operator safety. The main concern in an outdoor application is protecting the electric hydraulic power unit from the elements. In almost all cases the electric hydraulic power unit is located inside the building away from the elements; the hydraulic hoses are routed to ... Read More
LTNI stands for “Lift and Tilt Non-Intrusive”. Components are often shipped in bins and during the loading and unloading process a combination of a lift table and a tilter positions the bin in the most ergonomically correct position for the operator. Conventional tilters force the operator to step back when the bin is tilted towards them. In many applications where there are no space restrictions this model of lift and tilt works well. The Pentalift LTNI is a combination of a lift and tilt t... Read More
When would you order a lift table with a remote power unit? Many designs of lift tables have the electric power units designed to be self-contained or internal. In some cases such as a wash down application, a paint shop environment etc. it is common to order the lift table with a remote power unit to avoid potential sparking. The speed of a lift table is often an important factor in a lift table application, to increase the lift/lower speed a larger pump/motor assembly is required and physicall... Read More
A semi portable lift table has two rollers on one end of the frame and a removable dolly handle on the other end. With the dolly handle removed, the lift table frame sits on the floor. If the lift table is to be moved to a different location, the dolly handle is positioned lifting the frame clear of the floor on to the two fixed wheels. This permits a lift table to be portable while maintaining a comparatively low height. Due to the portability, lift tables are provided with a self-contained 115... Read More
Pentalift manufactures the most extensive line of standard lift tables, tilters and rotators to perform tasks in the most efficiently and ergonomically correct method. These products reduce the risk of operator injury, improve operator comfort and morale as well as increase productivity. Click here for more information. Contact a Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.... Read More
Warehouses provide valuable spaces for a wide range of uses. They’re ideal for manufacturing, shipping and receiving, and the storage of materials, but over time, your warehouse’s space can become limited. A good use of space allows your business to grow over time and reduces unnecessary costs. The following 3 tips will help you save space in your warehouse while maximizing the efficiency of your daily workflow. Review Your Floor Plan You should always begin with your ... Read More