The majority of dock lift manufacturers have a pre-engineered product line selection to cover the majority of all typical dock lift applications hence they are referred to as Dock Lifts. There are a number of applications that a dock lift has to raise higher than a standard dock lift, wider than a standard dock lift, longer than a standard dock lift, stainless steel construction etc. Even though the application requirements are often similar these lifts are outside of many dock lift manufacturers standard product line offering. There are a small number ... Read More
The majority of vehicle restraints are fastened directly to the face of the foundation wall. In some cases the foundation wall will not withstand the forces to hold the vehicle restraint in position such as a concrete block wall or a brick wall. In new construction with the concrete pre cast (tilt up) wall the contractor often specifies that nothing is to be bolted to the face of the wall. To address a vehicle restraint installation that cannot be attached to the foundation wall Pentalift has d... Read More
A number of years ago, Pentalift was successful in assisting a foundry and their requirements in the initial design stages. The foundry recently contacted Pentalift with the details of another project providing the same service as the original design with some modifications. For the history behind the first project, please click here. To see many different examples of our custom lift tables please
Air bag lift tables are limited in their vertical travel. You cannot get an air bag style lift table with a vertical travel greater than 24”. If more than 24” of vertical travel is required, a hydraulic lift table with an air motor is available. An air bag lift table also does not offer a velocity fuse as an option. In the case that an air bag was to be punctured or cut, the table would drop to floor level. Air Bag lift tables are limited to 6,000... Read More
Self-contained power units cost less and are the most common, however, there are alternatives. Remote power units are one of the alternatives and are best suited for wash down applications. When periodic maintenance is required, it is easier to access a remote power unit. At the time of installation, remote power units are typically installed 7’ – 8’above finished floor level on a wall mounting bracket. This moves the power unit up and away from potential impact. The hydraulic hoses are then run from the remote power unit to the dock leveler cylinder. Often the application determines the... Read More
Pentaflow lift cylinders are unique. In the base of the cylinder piston there is a port. This port is sealed by a ball to prevent oil from passing through. When oil is pumped into the cylinder, the cylinder extends. When the cylinder is at full extension, an actuator pushes the ball off the port which allows oil to return to the reservoir. This prevents the cylinder from dead ending. This also helps bleed any air inside of the hydraulic system. When the cylinder retracts, it siphons hydraulic oil into the... Read More
Product launches require comprehensive strategies that help prevent many common issues related to assembly lines. But when your product launch is late, it can lead to unnecessary costs and impact the reputation of your business.

Avoiding Late Product Launches Read More