Pentalift was an innovator in the concept and design of the under dock vehicle restraint when it first introduced its Model UHR40 vehicle restraint safety system 30 years ago. Pentalift was among the first to recognize the benefits of a restraint safety system that was installed under a dock leveler. Stored under the dock leveler the vehicle restraint is out of the weather significantly reducing maintenance requirements and providing ease of snow/ice removal at the loading dock area during the winter months. Storing the vehicle restraint under the dock leveler also eliminates the chance ... Read More
Pentalift fabricates lift tables to meet the standards that are laid out in ANSI MH29.1:2012, Industrial Scissor Lifts Safety Requirements. ANSI MH29.1 is authored by the Lift Manufacturers Product Section, LMPS, an Industry Group of the MHI that is made up of industrial lift manufacturers who have joined together to champion industry best practice. The standard was developed to establish design and performance criteria that will ensure fabrication of safe industrial scissors lifts. The International Code Council (... Read More
Q: What does Beyoncé, Tim McGraw, Adele, Tom Hanks, Aerosmith and a slew of other celebrities have in common?   A: Their touring motor coaches are provided by a Pentalift customer!  

When a premier coach manufacturer contacted Pentalift to discuss an application for storing and retrieving primary components during the assembly of their motor homes, Pentalift’s engineering team answered.

Dock lifts service several applications in facilities ranging from loading docks to cold storage to warehousing, both in an interior and exterior capacity.

When pit-installed at an exterior location - in front of the loading dock doors - the dock lift is able to service a wide range of incoming trucks, providing exterior grade level access for multiple applications. When positioned for loading or offloading of ... Read More

When protecting worker’s rights, the Ontario Ministry of Labour is very proactive in scheduling health and safety blitz’s to the loading dock sector. Workplace injuries and fatalities can usually be averted with proper maintenance and service on loading dock equipment. Dock levelers, mechanical, hydraulic and air powered along with vehicle restraints and lift tables should all be serviced at least twice a year and signed off on by the technician performing the task. In 2014 these industrial warehousing safety blitz’s (to be held in February and March) are designed to enforce compli... Read More

mechanical lift safetyHydraulic lift safety is crucial in the activity of any organization whose operations involve the frequent use of such specialized and efficient equipment. Your employees and lifting machines must work together in harmony, complementing each other and enhancing each other’s work. That is why mechanical lift manufacturers emphasize the importance of proper installation f... Read More

Guelph, ON, Canada (December 2013) – As the lift table and loading dock industry continues to evolve, Pentalift continues to lead the way in quality product and customer service, as well as in their marketability with new hire; Michael Poeltl, as marketing manager.

Poeltl was hired mid-November, 2013 to head up Pentalift’s marketing department’s efforts to increase visibility on-line and in industry associations, bringing over ten years of experience in the field. Well versed in the loading dock and materials handling industry, Poeltl is also a... Read More

A successful lift table installation is based on the initial communication between the customer and the supplier. Once the supplier has a complete understanding of the customer’s application they can make their recommendations. A number of the first factors to identify are the maximum weight to be raised or lowered, the product size, and the lifting height requirements and whether the lift table is to be pit installed or surface installed. With this information the supplier can further discuss and propose the structural basics of design. When the basic design is finalized other factors such ... Read More
Pentalift model FTML fork truck maintenance lift eliminates the need for chain hoists and blocking, reducing the potential for injury during maintenance procedures. The fork truck maintenance lift permits free and ergonomically correct access to all service areas and significantly reduces the down time of the lift truck. Not only is the lift truck back into service quicker, but through the efficiency of the repair time it also reduces costly labor hours. The Pentalift FTML fork truck maintenance lift is available in 20,000 lb. lifting capacity and can be quickly installed without modifications... Read More