When the dock leveler is in the closed/stored position the hinged lip assembly is vertical tucked in behind the front of the dock leveler frame. When the dock leveler is operated the deck raises and the hinged lip rotates outward to the extended position. In the extended position the lip assembly is not parallel with the deck plate it is positioned just slightly lower than parallel to the deck plate, this is referred to as “lip crown”. Dock levelers service varying heights of incoming vehicl... Read More
Lift Table with Sliding Platform A company specializing in vacuum heat treating contacted Pentalift for a lift table with a sliding platform as a solution to increase their efficiencies when loading a furnace. The furnace is a 36’ long car bottom design and the transfer car is loaded outside the furnace and once loaded is moved into position. Lift Table with Sliding Platform Application The product for the furnace is stacked on the transfer car, the lift tables serve as work platforms ele... Read More
A mechanical engineer can be an invaluable member of any given company. They are simply indispensable for many projects. But you have to ensure that you are hiring a fully competent and capable mechanical engineer. Here are some tips to make sure that the mechanical engineer you hire will be a great asset to your team. Tasks and Responsibilities of Mechanical Engineers Mechanical engineers use computer programs to design, and sometimes redesign numerous varieties of mechanical instruments. T... Read More
Mechanical Engineering is a rewarding occupation, but it is not without its risks. Injuries occur, but the reason why they occur is often for a variety of causes that are within the control of personnel. Neglect on the part of staff and management are a large factor in a number of workplace injuries. Other times it is due to human error. Also, for mechanical engineers, equipment might malfunction or be improperly stored or handled thus increasing the risk of injury. Neglecting Safety Rules I... Read More