In its simplest form a dock leveler is an adjustable ramp that provides lift truck access from the warehouse floor to the truck bed. Dock leveler deck cant allows the dock leveler deck and lip assembly to flex up to 4” laterally or from side-to- side. Typically incoming truck beds are pretty much level from side-to-side with the warehouse floor. However if there is an uneven build-up of snow, ice or debris outside the building the incoming truck bed can be parked on an angle with one corner of ... Read More
Most lift table manufacturers recommend a maximum hydraulic hose length for remote/external power units that should not be exceeded for satisfactory performance.  The issue is not raising the lift table; a pressurized hydraulic hose of almost any practical length will raise the lift table, the issue is lowering the lift table. If the lift table is lowered with weight on the platform the weight will assist in pushing the hydraulic oil back through the hydraulic hose to the reservoir. If the lift table is lowere... Read More

Low Profile Dock Lift

With a lowered height of only 6” a low profile dock lift allows ground level access without the need for construction of a pit. A Pentalift low profile dock lift can accommodate truck/trailer heights from pick-ups to semi-trailers with a vertical travel of 54”. It requires no pit and has the capability to be semi-portable, a low profile unit is an effective solution for ground level doors, confined spaces and leased building applications. Sizes and capacities are available to suit a wide range of applica... Read More

No Low Lift Tables

No low lift tables are hydraulic scissor lift tables that permit floor level access. Allows easy entry by pallet trucks and other material handling equipment. Capacities are available in a range from 2,500 to 6,000 lb. No Low Lift Tables are designed to accomm... Read More

LTNI stands for “Lift and Tilt Non-Intrusive”. Components are often shipped in bins and during the loading and unloading process a combination of a lift table and a tilter positions the bin in the most ergonomically correct position for the operator. Conventional tilters force the operator to step back when the bin is tilted towards them. In many applications where there are no space restrictions this model of lift and tilt works well. The Pent... Read More
When selecting a dock lift, you want to make sure you find the most appropriate one for your application. The 5 main things to look for when choosing a dock lift would be whether the equipment is going to be floor mounted or pit installed, platform dimensions, what the lifting and roll over capacities will be, bridge lengths and what voltage will be offered to the dock lift at the place of installation. The manufacturer needs to know whether the equipment is going to be pit installed or placed on the floor so that the corre... Read More
A Tandem Lift Table is a table that is used for an application in which the platform’s length needs to be much longer than the platform’s width. Tandem Lift Tables are generally used to assist lengthy and narrow applications such as long pieces of wood, 2x4’s or hydro poles. To support the oversized load, there are 2 sets of scissor legs under the table’s platform to accommodate the load it is lifting. Tandem lift tables cost more than standard lift tables but are the perfect piece of equipment for certain applica... Read More

Companies across the manufacturing marketplace are now targeting and removing waste from their strategies in an effort to implement a “lean” manufacturing strategy.

Going Lean In Manufacturing