In its simplest form a dock leveler is an adjustable ramp that provides lift truck access from the warehouse floor to the truck bed. Dock leveler deck cant allows the dock leveler deck and lip assembly to flex up to 4” laterally or from side-to- side. Typically incoming truck beds are pretty much level from side-to-side with the warehouse floor. However if there is an uneven build-up of snow, ice or debris outside the building the incoming truck bed can be parked on an angle with one corner of ... Read More
Although it is not very common you can use a lift truck on a dock lift if the dock lift is properly sized, rated and equipped. Some of the factors to first consider. The dock lift platform size should accommodate the overall length of the lift truck with the longest load that the lift truck will be carrying. The width of the dock lift should be sized to allow the lift truck operator to exit the lift truck and move around freely on the platform. When selecting the dock lift capacity consider a combination of the overall weight of the empty lift truck plu... Read More

Lift Table with Sliding Platform

A company specializing in vacuum heat treating contacted Pentalift for a lift table with a sliding platform as a solution to increase their efficiencies when loading a furnace. The furnace is a 36’ long car bottom design and the transfer car is loaded outside the furnace and once loaded is moved into position.

Lift Table with Sliding Platform Application

The product for the furnace is stacked on the transfer car, the lift ta... Read More

No Low Lift Tables

No low lift tables are hydraulic scissor lift tables that permit floor level access. Allows easy entry by pallet trucks and other material handling equipment. Capacities are available in a range from 2,500 to 6,000 lb. No Low Lift Tables are designed to accomm... Read More

Roll-Off Stop Lip adds Extra Safety

Roll-Off Stop Lip Levelers have an extra safety measure versus standard levelers that can help prevent forklifts from falling off the dock when the door is open and there is no trailer secured to the door opening. The extra feature is a vertical roll-off stop lip that stands up at the edge of the dock when the dock is in the pa... Read More

Make your loading dock safer with a vehicle restraint

Vehicle restraints are a key component of safe loading docks. Locking trailers into position vehicle restraints integrate signal lights, inside and outside. This helps communication between dock attendant and truck driver. Once the truck is positioned the recessed vehicle restraint reaches out... Read More

Although manual pallet trucks or power driven pallet trucks are the most common pieces of material handling equipment used on a dock lift some applications call for the use of a lift truck. If using a lift truck on a dock lift there is one very important option to consider. With the dock lift in the lowered closed position the operator drives the lift truck onto the dock lift platform. As soon as the up button is operated an optional automatic hinged hydraulic roll off stop on the dock lift is activated, basically a hinged barrier rises behind the lift ... Read More
Not all applications are the same. In some cases, vehicle restraints are a part of the initial construction design process. It is also quite common to add vehicle restraints to an existing loading dock to improve the safety at this busy area of the facility. The positioning of the trailer’s rear impact guard can vary from trailer manufacturers. This has created the requirements for low profile vehicle restraints. Some facilities are able to cost justify mechanical vehicle restraints as an imp... Read More
Forklift maintenance ensures your machine enjoys a long lifespan. If you follow these eight useful forklift maintenance tips your lift will last a long time.

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