The majority of lift tables are designed to be cycled 8 times per hour during an 8 hour shift, 5 days a week. In an application that needs more cycles than the standard amount, lift tables are recommended to be equipped with a high cycle package. A high cycle package consists of cam followers in place of leg rollers, spherical bearings in place of bushings, and often equipped with a central lubrication system. In addition to these components, high cycle lift tables are often specified with a continuous r... Read More
FRL stands for Filter Regulator and Lubricator. In some applications, depending on vertical travel, an air bag lift table will not be suitable. The alternative is a hydraulic lift table with an air motor operated power unit. It requires compressed air to operate this motor and there are some maintenance factors to maintain efficient operation of the motor. These components are often referred to as an FRL. F – Filter: compressed air that has a high moisture content which is best to remove before it is pumped to the air mot... Read More
All manufacturers have a standard paint colour that is for brand identity or for economy of scale in any high volume manufacturing facility. Pretty much any colour other than the manufacturer’s standard is available, but at an upcharge. The reason for this upcharge is due to the purchasing process, receiving process and manufacturing process. Depending on the colour of the paint, primer may need to be added to the lift table before the paint is applied. When painting a lift table a custom colour, the painter must first clean the lines with xylene. The painter then must pour primer into the p... Read More
Changeovers are an essential part of manufacturing. Equipment requires ongoing maintenance that includes the repair and replacement of various components.

Reduce Changeover Times

Other aspects of your manufacturing that require attention include... Read More