Increase Employee Safety with Custom Lifts

  • Custom Portable Lifts are the best solutions when it comes to being mobile. The world is getting more and more mobile and industries are adapting quickly to this ever increasing demand for portability. As a result, there are numerous versions of custom lifts that are perfectly maneuverable. Wheeled and tracked powered drive options are also available for enhanced portability.
  • Custom High Lifts and Scissor Lifts are designed to be operated at various lift heights. They are ideal for product transfer or as work platforms. Lifts that can be customized as far as working height are highly appreciated among users not only for their ability to ensure employee safety but also for providing stability and rigidity.
  • Custom high capacity lifts are ideal for companies that exceed the typical capacity range requested for lifts. Today, lift manufacturers are able to deliver high capacity lifts for 25,000 lbs up to 120,000 lbs. Using the right lift for the right capacity is crucial when it comes to employee safety since the greatest dangers in the lifting industry come directly from misaligning lift capacity with the actual lifting requirements. Every aspect of the design can be adjusted in order to match perfectly lifting necessities.
  • Custom upenders and tilters respond to another important need in the lifting industry, which is positioning. For utmost employee safety, custom lifts that suit an extensive range of positioning are essential. They come in various load handling capacities and many different sizes.
  • Custom Manlifts and Work platforms are also highly acclaimed in many production and maintenance applications. In this category, you will find a broad range of stationary or portable manlifts, including mobile jet engine test stations with platform extensions, triple scissor lift tables, tandem scissor lifts with lateral stabilizers, or air cargo handling lift tables with caster deck.
  • Sanitary custom lifts are designed to suit wash down, corrosive and food grade applications using a wide choice of finishes and materials. In this category of custom lifts, you may find double scissor stainless steel lift tables, food processing poultry plant lift tables, stainless steel deck lifts, or galvanized double scissor lift tables. Made to withstand a variety of difficult environments, custom lifts for sanitary applications ensure employee safety, improve productivity, and enhance ROI.

Pentalift can create a custom lift to suit many applications and industries. Explain to us the requirements of your application, and we will create a design that can help your team work safer and more efficiently. Click here to learn more about ordering a custom lift.

Mike Earle