Pentalift was an innovator in the concept and design of the under dock vehicle restraint when it first introduced its Model UHR40 vehicle restraint safety system 30 years ago. Pentalift was among the first to recognize the benefits of a restraint safety system that was installed under a dock leveler. Stored under the dock leveler the vehicle restraint is out of the weather significantly reducing maintenance requirements and providing ease of snow/ice removal at the loading dock area during the winter months. Storing the vehicle restraint under the dock leveler also eliminates the chance ... Read More
All manufacturers of mechanical dock levelers incorporate a hold down assembly to keep the dock leveler locked tight to the truck bed during loading or unloading. The industries most common hold down assembly is a ratchet and pawl design. This style of hold down is now standard equipment on all Pentalift mechanical dock levelers. Mechanical dock levelers are upward biased. With a truck in position the dock leveler release chain is pulled, the deck assembly rises and the lip assembly extends and locks. The dock leveler is “walked down” until the extended lip assembly makes contact with t... Read More
Pentalift recently introduced a new model of dock lift to our extensive lineup of our existing dock lift products. The model VCD Vertical Cylinder Dock Lift is designed as a cost effective solution to provide grade level to truck bed loading without creating a pre formed pit. The Model VCD Vertical Cylinder Dock Lift is available with a 72” wide x 96” long platform designed for traffic flow across both ends of the pla... Read More