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Lift Tables & Industrial Positioning Solutions

Let Pentalift Equipment Corporation provide a solution to your unique materials handling application needs. Pentalift produces lift tables, rotating lifts, industrial platform lifts, positioning tables, multistage scissor lift solutions, and tilters in numerous configurations. These come in a variety of operating styles such as Hydraulic, Mechanical and Pneumatic and can be placed in a number of applications like cold storage, warehouses, manufacturing, logistics and sanitary facilities.
Most often used as an ergonomically correct work positioner. Capacities range from 500 lb to 6,000 lb. Available in stationary, portable and semi portable design. [more...]
Lifts - Pentalift
Lift and tilt functions operate independently permiting various height operators to select the most comfortable work position.Capacities range from 2,000 lb to 6,000 lb. [more...]
Lift and Tilt - Lift Tables - Pentalift
Heavy duty design to lift and rotate product into the most correct ergonomic position. Capacities range from 500 lb to 6,000 lb. [more...]
Lift and Rotate - Lift Tables - Pentalift
Designed to provide increased lift with reduced frame and platform size in comparison to a conventional lift table design. Capacities range from 500 lb to 6,000 lb. [more...]
Multistage Lifts - Lift Tables - Pentalift
Automatically lowers as weight is added, automatically rises as weight is removed during the palletizing/de-palletizing process. Four models available. [more...]
Self Leveling - Lift Tables -
NL-series (no low) lift tables are hydraulic, scissor lift tables that permit floor level access by pallet trucks and other material handling equipment. The capacities available for NL-series lift tables range from 2,500 to 6,000 lb. [more...]
No Low - Drive On Lift Table -
Designed to tilt bins into an ergonomically correct position as components are added or removed from the bin. Up to 45 degree tilt, 2,000 lb-6,000 lb capacity. [more...]
Tilters Lift Table - Lift Tables -
Designed to increase support and stability with longer loads for safety during raising and lowering. Capacities range from 5,000 lb to 40,000lb. [more...]
Tandem Lifts - - Lift Tables -
Used to reorient product 90 degrees. Standard platform sizes up to 60" x 60" x 60". Capacities range from 2,500lb to 6,000lb. . [more...]
20,000lb capacity designed to safely elevate and support a Fork Lift Truck during maintenance or repair procedures. [more...]
Our Primary Goal is to engineer and build the best lift table products to ensure the ultimate in user safety and product reliability. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss any lift, rotate, tilt and positioning equipment requirements.