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Custom Lift Tables & Positioning Equipment

Pentalift Equipment Corporation was founded in 1983 to supply the highest quality material handling products in the industry at competitive prices. Our goal was to promote our quality product by creating a high level of customer service during the sales process and any technical support that may be required. Pentalift's continuing success in designing, engineering and manufacturing custom lift tables has gained Pentalift a world class reputation in the lift table manufacturers business. In a relatively short history Pentalift's work force has grown to over 120 employees. Our modern fully equipped manufacturing facilities represent a total of more than 120,000 square feet to meet the requirements of industrial scissor lifts.

To meet our objectives Pentalift has focused on every important step of the sales, estimating, engineering and manufacturing process to provide a quality lift table. Our sales representatives participate in an intensive training program consisting of industry knowledge, product knowledge and application knowledge pertaining to hydraulic lift tables. Our estimating department not only assists in creating new designs but also relies on our extensive library of experience relating to platform lifts when preparing a quotation. Our engineering department is fully equipped to design ergonomic lift tables that provides exceptional performance, reliability and above all keeping "safety first" in mind.

Quality Lift and Positioning Solutions to meet a wide range of custom applications. [more...]
Custom Equipment - all
Maneuverable wheeled and tracked powered drive options are available for portability. [more...]
Custom Portable
Extended lift heights for product transfer and work platforms, designed to assure stability and rigidity. [more...]
Custom Highlifts
25,000 lb capacity up to 120,000 lb capacities is available to suit a wide range of lifting requirements. [more...]
High Capacity
Many sizes and load handling capacities available to suit an extensive range of positioning required. [more...]
Custom Upenders/Tilters
Broad range of stationary or portable manlifts used in production and maintenance applications. [more...
Mainlifts & Work Platforms
High solids epoxy, food grade epoxy, galvanized and stainless steel to suit many sanitary applications. [more...]
Clear Room
Pentalft's material handling lift tables used in a variety of production applications. [more...]
Material Handling Saw Lift Tables
The depth of Pentalift's experience as a manufacturer of industrial scissor lifts makes it easy for our customers as together we work through the initial concept and development process and through the order process from start to finish. Whether it's an application for a scissor lift a pneumatic lift or even a portable lift during these communications we discuss many of the important design elements to ensure that the customer ultimately ends up with a quality hydraulic lift.

There are a small limited number of scissor lift manufacturers that can offer the same product categories that Pentalift can. We offer scissor lifts for use in the beverage, printing, aerospace, heavy equipment recreational vehicle, automotive and agricultural business to name but a few.

There are many variables to consider when selecting a hydraulic lift such as the amount of vertical lift required, the platform lifts size, the capacity of the lift table, the frequency of operating cycles per hour, per shift and is it to be a portable lift table or a stationary scissor lift table. The application may require a standard model of scissor lift table with a couple of common or even custom scissor lift accessories to meet the application requirements.

Regardless of a customer's requirements for industrial lift tables Pentalift Equipment Corporation is ready to assist in any way. Please Contact a Pentalift sales representative to discuss your application requirements.