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What Information Does a Lift Table Provider Require?

When a customer gets in contact with a lift table provider, there are a minimum of 5 questions the customer should expect to get asked. The questions are: How much vertical travel would you like the lift table to have? What platform size would you like the table to have? Is this table going to be installed on the floor or installed in a pit? What voltage is available to run this table? Can I have a brief description of your application? These 5 questions are the basics of putting together a simple lift table quote. Each answer can lead to another question. For example, if a customer wants to install a lift table in a pit, the appropriate safety features must be applied to the table. If the table is going into a pit, the provider will generally ask if the customer would prefer bevel toe guards or toe sensors to minimize shear points around the whole table. Generally, the more unique the application is, the more information a provider needs to get. 

 Contact a Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.

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Can You Get a Portable Lift Table?

There are two ways to make a lift table portable. One is semi portable and the other is fully portable. To make a lift table semi portable, the table must consist of two wheels on one end and a removable dolly handle on the other end. To get a semi portable lift from point A to point B, the user of the table must take the dolly handle and place it into the dolly lift point. Once the user tilts the dolly handle towards them, the lift table will lift up, placing the wheels on the other end of the lift to touch the ground and be in use. The user can than move the table where ever they would like. The table must be moved without a load. A fully portable lift table is simply placed and welded onto a sub frame which consists of the frame itself and 4 wheels. It is not recommended to move a fully portable lift table with more than a 6000 lbs. load. Contact a Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.

Contact a Pentalift Sales Representative for more information.

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7 Traits To Look For In A Manufacturing Engineer

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